Czech Republic

Why Consider Study Abroad in Czech Republic Programs

Czech Republic is a country centrally located in the continent. The surrounding countries make for tough competition – they are much-sought destinations. But for students studying abroad in the Czech Republic, this works as an advantage: If you’re going to do some traveling to other countries during your stay, it’s a very reasonable hop to Poland, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, and more – an almost endless list of places with fascinating things to see and feel and eat and drink.

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Czech Republic has a ton of fascinating things to recommend. From an academic perspective, the Czech Republic offers a full buffet of options to those wishing to study abroad there. With more than a dozen universities that are ideal for foreign students, it’s hard to go wrong. Among these, Charles University (in Prague) stands tallest, being well-regarded around the world as a top-notch university.